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White Brick Wall

Adventures in Tea w/ Kathleen

Join me for an adventure in loose-leaf tea culture and history at a public or private seasonal tea tasting event.

White Brick Wall

Events include a curated selection of 3-4 teas

and a selection of freshly baked accompaniments from Kathleen's menu.

Tea Parties provide opportunities for guests to enjoy the teas

and accompaniments with light social conversation.

Kathleen will provide a fun party game or two that will

help you host a delightful experience.

Tea Tastings will focus on general tea history and culture

including geographic regions where the teas are plucked as well as oxidation methods.

Kathleen will present suggested preparation measurements,

steeping times & temperatures and tasting techniques that

bring out the unique flavor experiences for each tea.

Following the event, a variety of teas will be available for purchase at a special rate.

Hosts are welcomed to plan public or private events for 8 - 24 guests.

Call (419) 438-4757

to inquire about hosting your own customized tea tasting event.

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