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Kathleen's Kitchen Spring/Summe Menu

Kathleen's Kitchen

Pies | Seasonal Signature Bakes | Loose-Leaf Teas | Pancake Mixes | Granolas
Scratch Baked to Order

6643 Ohio Hwy. 634

Continental, Ohio              (419) 438-4757

Scratch Made Pies

Scratch made fillings and tender flaky crust using family recipes with personal flare.

  • Traditional Apple Pies:
    Double Crust, Dutch Crumble

  • Premium Apple Pies:
    Caramel, Candy, Bourbon

  • Blueberry:
    Streusel, Lattice

  • Traditional Cherry

  • Manhattan Cherry
    (Bourbon w/ Orange Zest)

  • Chocolate Cream:
    Cream, French Silk

  • Chocolate Fudge:
    Mocha, Peppermint, S’mores

  • Coconut Cream

  • Cream Cheese Freezer Pies
    Peaches & Cream, Lemonade, Cookies & Cream, Peanut Butter Cup

  • Egg Custard

  • Premium Custard
    Blueberry, Peach, Rhubarb

  • Hoosier Sugar Cream

  • Mince Fruit

  • Maple Custard

  • Maple
    Maple Chess, Maple Pecan

  • Premium Maple
    Maple Bacon Pecan, Maple Chocolate Pecan

  • Peanut Butter:
    Cream, Baked Fudgy, Fluffer-Nutter

  • Peach:
    Streusel, Lattice

  • Pumpkin

  • Traditional Pecan

  • Premium Pecan:
    Chocolate, German Chocolate, Kill Devil Rum

  • Rhubarb

  • Kill Devil Rum Raisin

  • Strawberry:
    Fresh, Baked

  • Strawberry - Rhubarb

  • Summer Berry (blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, mint & basil)

  • Winter Berry (cranberries, cherries, blueberries, orange zest & cinnamon)

Do-It-Yourself Fruit Pie Kits

Scratch made by Kathleen. Home baked by you.

Each kit comes frozen in sturdy, freezer safe packaging with 1 ready to bake pie shell in an oven ready pan, Kathleen's private recipe fruit pie filling, crumble or strudel topping and instructions. Simply thaw the pie filling, pour it into the frozen pie shell sprinkle with topping, bake and tell everyone you baked a homemade pie!

  • Dutch Apple

  • Bourbon Apple

  • Cherry Crumble

  • Manhattan Cherry Crumble

  • Blueberry Streusel

  • Peach Streusel

  • Winter Berry Streusel

  • Summer Berry Streusel

Seasonal Signature Bakes

Seasonal Signature Bakes include items that my mom saved for special occasions, making them extra special. Pre-orders are strongly encouraged as these items will be made in limited quantities. Note the lead time on each item for pre-orders.

  • Yeast Rolls - pre-orders open 2 weeks before holiday
    available Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas

cinnamon, orange, minced fruit, pecan

  • Kill Devil Fruit Cake
    order before Nov 1 for Dec 1 availability

  • Cookie House Kits - pre-orders open 2 weeks before holiday
    available for Easter Fairy Houses & Christmas Houses

    mini houses and large houses available

English Scones

A light biscuit with a tender crumb, perfect for breakfast with hot tea or coffee. Savory scones pair excellently with soups and salads. 

Sweet Varieties

  • Blueberry & Lemon

  • Coconut & Lime

  • Cranberry & Orange

  • Lavender & Lemon

  • Lemon

  • Orange

  • Pecan & Maple

  • Sweet Cream Butter

  • Scottish Bannock

Savory Varieties

  • Currituck Rosemary-Sea Salt

  • Ham & Pimento Cheese

  • Jalapeno & Cheddar Cheese

  • Provencal Herb & Parmigiana Cheese

  • Roasted Garlic & Smoked Gouda

  • Smoked Salmon & Cappers

  • Sun Dried Tomato & Provolone

Breakfast Rolls

Moist delicious yeast rolls, fresh from the oven. Perfect for breakfast or mid-day snack with a tall glass of cold milk or steaming cup of coffee.

  • Classic Cinnamon Rolls

  • Pecan Sticky Buns

  • Orange Rolls

  • Holliday Fruit & Nut Rolls

Dad's Famous Pancakes

Scratch made with no artificial colors or flavors, additives or preservatives. Just add water and resist over mixing for flavorful, fluffy pancakes. I suggest topping with butter and Ohio's own Leicester Hollow Maple Works Pure Vermont Maple Syrup.

  • Buttermilk

  • Chocolate Chip

  • Pecan

  • Cinnamon

  • Protein w/ Oat & Almond Flour

Hearty Fresh Granola

Small batch crunchy granola made with oatmeal, nuts and dried fruits. The Coconut Dark Chocolate variety is a fiber rich granola with wheat germ, wheat bran and flax seed. can be served with yogurt, fresh fruit, cold or warm milk or plain.

  • Coconut & Chocolate

  • White Chocolate, Cranberry & Macadamia

  • Leicester Hollow Maple & Pecan

  • Honey & Almond

Premium Loose-Leaf Teas

Kathleen is proud to offer a curated selection of loose-leaf teas from The Ohio Tea Co. in Canton Ohio. Each 2 oz. package will brew 18-20 8 oz. cups of delicious tea. Your order includes 20 disposable draw string tea sachets.  Listed here are the core varieties of tea offered with rotating seasonal blends listed on the Facebook page. Not sure which tea you like? Order a Tea Tasting Kit. Kit includes 3 single serving sachets of 3 different teas, 2 tea tasting flight cards, and 6 plain scones.

  • Masala Chai

  • Hot Cinnamon

  • Wild Strawberry (herbal)

  • Pina Colada (herbal)

  • Orange, Ginger, Peach

  • Bee Pollen Honey

  • Raspberry Black

  • English Breakfast

  • Decaf English Breakfast

  • Irish Breakfast

  • Scottish Breakfast

  • Classic Earl Grey

  • Cream Earl Grey

  • Vintage Rose Earl Grey

  • Nilgiri Iced Tea Blend

  • Green Mint (gunpowder green)

  • Raspberry Sencha (green)

  • Blueberry Rooibos (caffeine free)

  • Vanilla Chai Rooibos (caffeine free) 

  • Wild Strawberry (herbal)

  • Detox (herbal)

Kathleen hosts Tea Tasting Events for individuals and groups throughout the area. For more information, please contact Kathleen at (419) 438-4757

Join the Adventures with Tea in Kathleen's Kitchen group on Facebook and participate in the tea culture journey with other tea enthusiasts!

Celebration Cakes

8" single layer frozen cakes for any last-minute celebration. Choose from Chocolate or White Cake with white frosting and sprinkles. Each cake comes with a cake topper (Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary or Congratulations).

Pick-Up & Delivery Options

Local Pick-Up

Pre-Orders may be picked up from my home at a designated time.

Local Delivery

Delivery is available within Putnam County Ohio for a $10 fee. A minimum order of $30 is required.

Catered Tea Party Setting
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